Toxic Rainbow

Toxic Rainbow: "Use the RAINBOW!!!"

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 120

Radius: 6

Damage: 1000 (125 damage/sec)

Duration: 8 seconds

Fame Bonus: 6%

Stat Bonus: +2 ATK +40 HP -5 SPD -5 DEX

Feed Power: 1200

Drops from:

Gigacorn  at a rate of 0.0013 (0.13% or 1/750)


It does 100 more damage and 1 more tile of radius than Baneserpent and it gives +40 HP and a nice +2 ATK bonus, but it reduces SPD and DEX. It doesn't matter, because assasin already has 75 DEX and 75 SPD so a little bit off is not that bad.

It drops from White Bag and only from Gigacorn.